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Simplicity is the soul of modern elegance.

Designed in Cyprus and made in Ukraine, Dvo is a brand created for modern elegant and sophisticated women.

The meaning of the name of our brand - Dvo [di':vo] (something extraordinary, amazing - translated from Ukrainian).


Inspired by feminine grace and power, our aim is to create casual everyday essentials with modern tailoring. 

​Key models of the Dvo collection are basic bodysuits, bandeau tops, high-waisted trousers and shorts, which attract with their practicality and simplicity, as well as our premium collection of products made from natural silk: open shoulders and tops with thin straps, an accentuated waist and flowing, weightless fabric - timeless elegance.

The minimalism concept of Dvo lays in presenting a seemingly effortless elegance through the ideal fit and laconic style of our models.

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